Digital Signage for Offices

Share your data dashboards, with real-time analytics. Manage your meeting rooms with synchronized calendars. Deploy screens in recreational areas to entertain and educate employees.

Display Dashboards

Important metrics help employees align with corporate strategy

Local Info

Display helpful info like weather & traffic updates, company news & events

Communicate Alerts

In lobbies and other common spaces

Meeting Room Management

Small screens outside meeting rooms help you avoid interruptions

Social Engagement

Display social media channel content, like twitter-wall or Instagram feed

Staff Training

Train your staff and display reminders of health-code regulations

Key Benefits

  • Improve productivity
  • Increase employee motivation
  • Manage meeting spaces
  • Drive employees interaction

by 20 – 25%, by having employees aligned with corporate KPIs

recognizing their performance with leaderboards and awards

with digital signage could save up to USD$500 million

and engagement with Trinity social media widgets

  • Reduce workplace injuries
  • Show more content
  • Impress business partners
  • Grabs visitors attention

by 20% by reminding employees of workplace safety regulations

than traditional boards, using rotating playlists

with a tech-driven approach in interior design and communications

and may increase their interest about the topic shown by 59%