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We Create Technology

As a company created by a team with long-year experience and people who are driven by the passion to create innovative products, “Mikrodel” with its vision is exclusively focused on the future. We believe that only if you work with dedication, love and passion, you can create products and solutions that will be recognized on the market and will simply satisfy the needs of the modern man. The key tool we use in our company is motivating employees to think with an open mind, all in order to create a creative atmosphere that will be recognized by our clients. We consider that this is the only one way that brings success and that defines us as leaders in the manufacture and design of elevators and in the segment with digital displays. It is important for us to convey the culture in the company defined in this way to our clients, because we have never been interested in a one-time sale, but in building strong and long-term relationships with our customers.