Digital Signage for Airports, Buses and Metros

Display real-time data about transport schedules and disruptions. Increase profits by hosting lucrative third-party ad campaigns. Use screens on-board, outdoors and in train and subway stations


Live Schedule Information

Display arrival, departure and gate information in any transportation hub

Proximity Marketing

Advertising & Branding promotions at right place, right time

Assist Travelers

Show helpful way-finding info or interactive maps, in high-traffic spaces

Local Info

Display weather, local news, attractions & events at arrival lounge

Communicate Alerts

Inform travelers of up-to-the-minute disruptions or delays in waiting rooms and other common areas

In-transit communication

Use on-board digital screens for buses, trains, taxis and planes

Key Benefits

  • Take advantage
  • Drive awareness
  • Increase commuters satisfaction
  • Minimize perceived wait times

of increased advertising revenues, by hosting third-party campaigns

for more local destinations

by showcasing travel-oriented services (i.e. on-board Wi-Fi)

and customer frustration with content that informs, engages and tells a story

  • Engage travelers
  • Save money and the environment
  • Grab travelers’ attention
  • Inspire tourists to share their experiences on social media

with useful travel information & offers, while showing departures, arrivals and delays

by replacing traditional paper marketing materials

and increase their interest about the topic shown by 59%

to share their experiences on social media