Digital Signage for Hotels

Elevate guest experiences in-room and on-site. Spotlight hotel services and local attractions to inform and delight guests. Increase cross-selling and upselling.


Showcase Amenities

Grab guest's attention with Trinity user-friendly media feature to upsell services

Inform & Protect Guests

Show wayfinding information and alert guests in case of emergency

Advertise Special Offers

Advertise time-sensitive special offers on-the-go or use scheduling feature

Welcome Guests

Engage, inform and entertain guests at reception with attractive playlists to highlight hotel services & facilities

Communicate Alerts

Display restaurant & services hours, hotel events, local attractions and weather

Social Media Widgets

Increase your followers and generate social proof, with just a few clicks

Key Benefits

  • Create an amazing first impression
  • Promoting special offers
  • Cut reception desk
  • Remotely manage

with useful information and entertaining playlists. Guests’ first impressions are formed within the first 10 minutes

or up-selling/cross-selling high-margin services could recoup investment money within 7-12 months

perceived waiting times by up to 35%

local advertising and marketing campaigns

  • Offer a dazzling guest experience
  • Showcase hotel services and amenities
  • Strengthen community-building
  • Increase advertising revenue

that informs, entertains and spurs repeat bookings

and trigger impulse purchases

by displaying local events and attractions

by hosting third party campaigns