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Trinity Cloud Software

Through our platform, you will constantly have an insight into the content that is placed on the displays, and through the rich library of creatives, you also get the opportunity to constantly refresh them independently. And you can have all this with 24/7-hour support from our operational and creative team, in order to achieve maximum success. It is up to you to decide if you will use these menu displays for classic display, sharing additional secondary information for the customer, whether they will have static designs or you will use the multi-zone layout option through which each zone would tell a different segment of your product, in order for the customer to get the whole picture. 



Aside from Full Screen Digital Signage, the types of Digital Signage we just listed are broken into multiple zone layouts. So let’s take a few minutes and talk about those different zones and what they do.

1 Header

Typically spanning the top of your screen, this zone is used to present your logo or name and brand your screen. It gives customers familiar with your brand an easy way to identify the screen as part of your message. And due to its prominent placement at the top of the display, it can also be used to communicate valuable information, such as your slogan or a call to action.

2 Main Content/Visual Zone

This is where you display your main messaging. It could be entertainment content or 100 percent dedicated to educating customers about your business. Either way, it gets the largest part of the screen since it’s what you want your audience to see.

3 Info Panel

Right next to the main content window is your side panel. This is the place to put complementary information that is still interesting to your audience but not always worth a spot in the main window. Content examples include posts from your social media, custom graphics, weather, and more.

4 Menu Zone

If your business has the need to display services and products next to their price, add them to the Menu Zone to educate customers about everything you do and sell. Rotate through as many items as you’d like on your list.

5 Ticker/Lower Third

Across the bottom of your screen is the ticker. This can be used to share current headlines with your audience to keep them informed, or setup to display custom messages from your brand. Again, if your screen is playing content designed to entertain, this is a valuable place to share messaging.