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Trinity Digital Signage

Lets build strong relationships with customers together

Provide your brand maximum flirtation with potential buyers. Tell the right story in the right place by using our digital display platform and let the creativity come to the surface. In times where we are surrounded by screens 24/7, it is most important to be able to tell the right story in the right place to be noticed. Our platform is more than a classic rental of digital displays‒through smart software with a rich content library it allows you to constantly refresh the story you want to tell in the appropriate location you choose independently, in order to be original and thus your story to stand out from the crowd.

Partners for life

Given the fact that our company that is entirely focused on its customers and constantly improves user support, we will additionally provide with a 24-hour technical support from a graphic designer and a technical person who will help you to be as creative as possible and choose the most suitable location and position for your digital display. We don’t just sell a one-time installation of digital displays, but we offer our customers a partnership and long-term cooperation in order to enjoy success together. “MIKRODEL” is a company that not only will offer you a one-time flirtation, but it will also offer you long-term partnership cooperation and you will receive support filled with dedication, passion and true love for work.

Digital menus that tell a complete story

Like any long-term partnership, ours would begin with maximum commitment in the installation and selection of the right location of the digital displays. Our expertise and dedicated team, guided by all the latest researches on consumer behavior, firstly will help you to make the full use of the location. We assure you that you will not get just one-sided installation, but a team solution that will cause the greatest impact.


Because our service does not end only with the installation of digital displays, but through our platform you get a unique opportunity to constantly refresh the contents of the displays, and a real partner who, through its innovative solutions, will constantly work to improve your business. Because from us you get both hardware and software with a rich library of creatives that you can use to promote your business, as well as:

Complete 24/7 support for managing your Digital Signage;
Ability to upload your own pictures and videos;
Frequently updating the content library;
Offer additional features and capabilities that add value to your subscription;
Complete after-sales support.

Because we believe that together with us you will manage to redefine your business and to be one step toward a better future and modern smart technological solutions!
Let’s build strong relationships with buyers and create long-term cooperation that will bring success!

Video wall

Internal self-existing screens

Do you still think that love at first sight between a customer and your brand is impossible? If so, then take a look at the statistics and find out why the digital display industry is booming. The numbers confirm: Love at first sight does exist!



80% of customers decide to visit the store right after noticing a digital display.
The latest market research shows that good placement of digital displays in any business is the key to attracting new visitors. A FedEx study shows that eight out of ten passers-by entered an unfamiliar store solely because of a digital display ad.

70% Reaching the audience
It has been proven that when we walk in a public space, our brain is much more relaxed and open to perceive new messages, than when they are presented to us through social media through our tablet or phone. One of the studies conducted by “Arbitron” shows that the digital displays of public areas managed to reach to 70% of the audience, which is significantly more than web banners on the Internet (43%) and Facebook (41%).

135 million-audience weekly
In the United States (US) market alone, the digital display business reaches an audience of over 135 million per week. The number is much higher if we calculate the business on a global level.

19% of consumers said that digital ads and menus influence their decision when choosing a product
The same study by “Arbitron” shows that a high 19% of people, after noticing the ad on the digital display, make a quick decision to buy the product from the ad. This figure shows that digital displays enable rapid growth in sales.

85% Recall rate
Unlike conventional and online ads, research shows that audiences remember information seen on a digital display much longer. The high Recall Rate, which for this type of advertising is an incredible 85%, speaks for itself.

70% of hotel guests consider that the digital displays placed in the lobby are not only entertaining but also useful and informative and significantly facilitate their stay in the chosen tourist destination.

75% of hospital visitors said that while waiting for an examination, they learned useful information from digital displays placed in waiting rooms

35% reduced perception of waiting time
And most importantly, research shows that in waiting rooms where digital displays are installed, the perception of time spent waiting by customers decreases by an incredible 35%.

7 out of 10 consumers bought an additional product because of an ad they saw on digital displays
Placing a digital display near a cash register has been proven to increase sales.

Love at first sight is possible!

You only need the right business partner who, through smart solutions for digital displays, will turn your business into a magnet to attract the attention of consumers.


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hotels and hospitality
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