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Introducing our DB6.

DB6 - A versatile and powerful solution that brings your content to life. Whether it’s vibrant advertisements, informative displays, or engaging presentations, the db6 ensures your message stands out. With its user-friendly scheduling, robust remote management, and secure data handling, this compact yet potent device is engineered to streamline your digital communication, making it an indispensable tool for any modern enterprise looking to captivate and connect with its audience.

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Introducing our innovative Anti-TheftProtectionKey your display guardian.

Unleash the power to secure and shield your display from theft.

Experience peace of mind like never before.

My mission? To create spaces that speak, inform, and inspire.

Mikrodel makes this a reality, seizing attention where it's least expected. Our user-friendly solutions simplify content updates and management, freeing you to focus on what matters most
— your message.

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Can we have multiple users?

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Can we add our custom web components?

Do you have any physical security measures?

Are your digital signage displays eco-friendly?

Does your digital signage solution include technical support?

Does your digital signage solution require an internet connection?

Can you use Wifi or cellular data?

What happens if WiFi loses connection?

What file format do you support?

Do you support portrait orientation or landscape orientation?

How big is the digital signage industry?

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