Every Hotel
Corner into a Revenue

Every Hotel
Corner into
a Revenue

  • Mikrodel Enhances Guest Spending Per Stay
  • Maximize Hotel Revenue Opportunities

Shape customer buying decisions and encourage unexpected buys

Outdoor Signage: Making every passerby a potential guest

Grab attention instantly with Mikrodel's outdoor totem signage, transforming first glances into warm welcomes.

Stand Out

Elevate your hotel's curb appeal and Enhance guest spend by showcasing special offers.

Create Lasting Impressions

Begin memorable stays right from the first sight.

Lobby Signage: The Heartbeat of Your Hotel

Step inside, and the journey of exceptional hospitality continues.


  • In-Facility Navigation: The lobby, the heart of your hotel, is where first impressions evolve into lasting relationships.
  • Dynamic Content Management: Mikrodel's lobby signage solutions are designed to streamline operations and enrich guest experiences.

Elevate Your Restaurant's Ambiance with Digital Signage

As guests weave through the enchanting spaces of your hotel, Mikrodel's digital signages in your restaurant area promise to keep the magic alive.


  • Mikrodel's digital signages in your restaurant area promise to keep the magic alive.
  • Replace static menu boards with dynamic displays that not only showcase your culinary delights but also make menu updates instantaneous and hassle-free.

Amazing Features

Quick & Easy Setup

Effortlessly drag & drop content for your digital signage, with the convenience of remote access through our cloud-based solution.

Custom Designs & Templates

Receive personalized layouts, designs, and settings to ensure your digital signage stands out and aligns perfectly with your brand.

Simple Content Management

Upload unlimited images, videos, and documents, and create as many user accounts as needed, managing displays across any number of locations from any device.

Free Standard Integrations

Benefit from our built-in standard integrations, enhancing your digital signage capabilities at no extra cost.

Customer Support

Enjoy complimentary technical support from Mikrodel, ensuring your digital signage experience is smooth and questions are answered promptly.

Embedded Player

Our embedded player ensures your content is delivered smoothly and efficiently, directly to your digital signage screens.

The Smart Solution for Modernizing Elevators and Generating Revenue

Transform your elevators from a cost center into a profit center with Mikrodel’s digital display solutions.

Elevate Your Revenue

  • Generate Revenue Effortlessly: Turn unused elevator space into a dynamic advertising platform that attracts local businesses and generates substantial income.
  • Cost-Effective: The revenue generated from the advertisements is allocated to cover the entire maintenance cost of the elevators.
  • Enhance Safety with Streamlined Communication: Instantly broadcast important messages and emergency alerts, ensuring everyone stays informed and safe.
  • Enhance Customers Engagement and Satisfaction: Provide customers with real-time information, news updates, all while adding a modern touch to your building’s aesthetics.


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What is some additional information that can be displayed that would benefit a hotel?

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