and guide
visitors with dynamic digital signs
that make a real difference.

and guide
visitors with dynamic digital signs
that make a real difference.

  • Enhance patient satisfaction, reduce perceived waiting times
  • Free up staff to focus on care with our easy-to-implement digital signage solutions.

Mikrodel digital displays create happier patients

Mikrodel digital displays create happier patients, streamline communication, and are a breeze to switch from static posters.

Outdoor Digital Signage for Healthcare Facilities

Guide Visitors and Enhance Facility Accessibility with High-Resolution Displays

Increase Facility Visibility

Increase Facility Visibility: Ensure patients and visitors find their way with clear, high-resolution digital signage that directs and informs, enhancing accessibility and reducing confusion.

Weather-Resistant Information

Weather-Resistant Information: Our durable outdoor digital signage withstands various weather conditions, ensuring critical information is always available, regardless of weather.

Optimize Your Healthcare Facility

Streamline patient flow with Mikrodel.


  • Enhance the care experience with Mikrodel's robust digital signage solutions.
  • Improve engagement through visually appealing and easy-to-update displays.
  • Improve wayfinding and patient education, through easy-to-update displays.
  • Optimize Your Healthcare Facility’s Communication Your Patient Satisfaction with Mikrodel.

Indoor Digital Signage for Healthcare Facilities

Optimize Patient Flow and Information Dissemination with Effective Indoor Signage.


  • In-Facility Navigation: Improve the patient journey within your facility with engaging, easy-to-follow digital displays that guide patients to their destinations.
  • Dynamic Content Management: Easily update and manage content related to health services, operational changes, or emergency alerts with our user-friendly content management system, keeping your communication timely and relevant.
  • Engage and Distract: Reduce perceived waiting times by providing engaging and informative content on digital screens. Patients can watch entertaining videos, educational materials, and interactive content, easing boredom and creating a more pleasant waiting experience.
  • Real-Time Updates: Display real-time information on appointment schedules, wait times, and queue statuses to keep patients informed and set clear expectations. This transparency helps alleviate the anxiety associated with uncertainty, making the wait feel shorter and more manageable.

Amazing Features

Quick & Easy Setup

Effortlessly drag & drop content for your digital signage, with the convenience of remote access through our cloud-based solution.

Custom Designs & Templates

Receive personalized layouts, designs, and settings to ensure your digital signage stands out and aligns perfectly with your brand.

Simple Content Management

Upload unlimited images, videos, and documents, and create as many user accounts as needed, managing displays across any number of locations from any device.

Free Standard Integrations

Benefit from our built-in standard integrations, enhancing your digital signage capabilities at no extra cost.

Customer Support

Enjoy complimentary technical support from Mikrodel, ensuring your digital signage experience is smooth and questions are answered promptly.

Embedded Player

Our embedded player ensures your content is delivered smoothly and efficiently, directly to your digital signage screens.

The Smart Solution for Modernizing Elevators and Generating Revenue

Transform your elevators from a cost center into a profit center with Mikrodel’s digital display solutions.

Elevate Your Revenue

  • Generate Revenue Effortlessly: Turn unused elevator space into a dynamic advertising platform that attracts local businesses and generates substantial income.
  • Cost-Effective: The revenue generated from the advertisements is allocated to cover the entire maintenance cost of the elevators.
  • Enhance Safety with Streamlined Communication: Instantly broadcast important messages and emergency alerts, ensuring everyone stays informed and safe.
  • Enhance Customers Engagement and Satisfaction: Provide customers with real-time information, news updates, all while adding a modern touch to your building’s aesthetics.


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